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iTero System

Revolutionizing Orthodontics with Precision Scanning

Discover the future of orthodontics at North Thornton Dental with the iTero System, the pinnacle of intraoral scanning technology. This advanced system offers unparalleled 3D imaging, capturing the minutest details of your dental structure for a perfect smile. Ideal for customizing treatments like Invisalign®, iTero’s detailed scans ensure your aligners are precisely tailored, promising a comfortable fit and effective results.

Enhanced Accuracy

iTero surpasses traditional imaging, offering 3D scans for precise treatment planning and custom fits, crucial for orthodontic success.

Patient Comfort

The iTero wand is designed for comfort, ensuring easy, accurate captures of your dental structure with minimal discomfort.

Interactive Experience

Real-time scanning with iTero not only informs but involves you in the treatment process, enhancing your understanding and satisfaction.

Precision Meets Comfort with iTero

North Thornton Dental’s iTero scanner transforms dental appointments into a seamless, interactive experience. Enjoy comfortable scans that lead to precise, custom-fitted dental solutions, including Invisalign® aligners, crowns, and more, tailored just for you.

iTero System FAQ's

iTero delivers detailed 3D images for precise treatment planning, surpassing the capabilities of 2D imaging and ensuring a perfect fit for orthodontic devices.

Yes, iTero’s design and technology focus on patient comfort, making it easier to capture complete scans without the need for uncomfortable mouth positioning.

iTero’s precision scanning ensures that Invisalign® aligners are custom-fit, enhancing treatment effectiveness and comfort.


Step Into the Future: iTero System

Discover unparalleled precision in dental imaging with the iTero System at North Thornton Dental. This cutting-edge technology offers detailed 3D scans for flawless treatment planning and execution. Book your consultation now to see how the iTero System can enhance your dental experience, from Invisalign fittings to restorative procedures, with unmatched accuracy and comfort.

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