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Dr. Barone

Dr. Patrick Barone

Dentist Thornton Colorado

Dr. Patrick Barone

Head Dentist

Dr. Patrick Barone is the independent, sole owner of North Thornton Dental. With over 10 years of experience, Dr. Barone has practiced dentistry primarily within the Thornton, CO community. His passion to start his own business comes from the rapid expansion of corporate dentistry. He wanted to create a personalized environment for his patients’ families and professional staff members. He enjoys spending extra time with patients to consider what is important to them, since every person is unique. The practice is focused on creating an excellent patient care experience with a close-knit team they can trust.


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Experience personalized dental care with Dr. Patrick Barone at North Thornton Dental. Dedicated to creating a warm, personal environment for each patient, Dr. Barone brings expertise and a patient-focused approach to your dental health. Book your appointment now to join a practice where your unique needs are always a priority, and where the music is as tailored to your taste as your dental care.

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